What employers are looking at in 2020

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The first thing that we remember when we hear the words “crisis of 2014” is a sharp jump in the dollar exchange rate, continuous sanctions and mass layoffs of staff. A large number of specialists were forced to enter the labor market, and personnel services removed their phone numbers from all sites, because the number of calls with requests to see the resume has increased tenfold. Requirements for candidates have become more stringent, which has led to significant changes in the job search system itself.

How was it before?

Previously, it was enough to post a resume with a brief description of its functionality on the work site and wait for calls from employers who will invite you for an interview. The interview itself was always stressful, but few HR specialists focused on questions about achievements or failures, asked to talk about the last book they read or the course they took. The exception was high positions or vacancies where specific skills were required.

But with the onset of 2015, when everyone began to slowly move away from the shock and think about the future, companies began to understand that not everything can be solved with discounts and dumping. It was then that the market for goods and services focused on quality and customer focus. This led to the fact that employers began to pay special attention to internal training and personnel development, which in turn entailed additional requirements for candidates.

What does the employer expect from the applicant now?

When viewing a resume, an employer pays attention not only to well-written functionality, but also to achievements. He wants to understand how hard the candidate is and how willing to invest in the company. Special attention is paid to competencies and self-development. After all, if a candidate invests time, effort and money in education, advanced training, etc., it means that he will be ready for internal corporate training, will grow and develop together with the company.

So what should everyone do with this?

1. Clean up your resume

It is important not just to copy and paste the text – it must be correctly filled in, with a description of the functionality and achievements. Even if the responsibilities in several jobs are identical, it is better to spend a little more time and slightly modify some part of the experience so that there is no repetition.

Put in the lists the same bullets (dots or dashes), then your resume will be visually attractive. It is important to pay attention to the description of the competencies that will help the employer to see your strengths, and, of course, indicate all the professional courses and advanced training passed.

And one more important point is photography. The employer wants to see who he is inviting for an interview, which is why the percentage of views on a resume with a photo is much higher than without.

Photo Recommendations

Portrait on a neutral background, in a business style or casual. An exception will be vacancies for creative professions and IT professionals, but you shouldn’t be too creative either. It is important that the face is clearly visible. The decision whether to add a photo or not is definitely yours, but it’s better to use it anyway.

Why do you need a cover letter?

This is one of the most popular questions, and for good reason. A cover letter is a short presentation of you to an employer that describes your experience and strengths in a very concise manner. Thanks to him, the recruiter understands whether it is worth spending time looking at the resume or not.

2. Understand where to look for work

Naturally, the most popular resource is hh.ru . It contains the main vacancies that are presented on the labor market. But not only them, as they say, are rich. It makes sense to pay attention to superjob.ru if you are considering middle or line positions.

We also recommend sending your resume to recruiting agencies if you are considering leadership positions or the specifics of the work implies unique knowledge. Quite often, recruiting agencies give vacancies of a technical and production nature (for example, chief technologist).

Another option that can help in your job search is to send CVs directly to interesting companies . But in this case, if the company did not publish the vacancy in open sources, then, most likely, the resume will be included in the personnel reserve and will be returned to it when the vacancy is open.

3. Prepare for your interview

You have made an appointment and are preparing for the interview. It is especially easy to get confused when you do not know what the questions will be and how to respond to them. You may be asked not only about the functionality and the reason for leaving the company. Quite often people are asked to tell you about your achievements, and when answering, it is important to remember that the employer wants to hear not only about your merits, but also about how it helped the company.

The issue of failures is also not to be feared – we all make mistakes. Tell us about some minor setback, but at the same time mention what conclusions were made and what actions were taken to prevent this from happening again.

The managers are interested in whether they had the experience of dismissing employees, whether there were conflicts with subordinates and how they defend their point of view before the top management. And the most important thing is to remember when you are interviewing that now the employer wants to see your interest in working for this company.

The job search system is dynamically developing and changing, like many things in modern society. Thanks to this, a large number of job search options and opportunities to present yourself have appeared.

But there is a second side to the coin. Now you need not only to be a professional in your field or a young specialist with burning eyes, but also to be able to present yourself, “sell”. Because no matter how great or wonderful you are, if the employer does not find out about it, then he will not be able to offer you a position in the company.

The article was prepared by Anastasia Guseva, career consultant of the agency for applicants “IM Consulting”

Заказать услуги содействия в поиске подходящей работы и помощь в трудоустройстве