Resume achievements

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Achievements in previous jobs are of great importance in evaluating a candidate for a position. They show your focus on results and how the company can benefit by hiring you.

What to write in resume for achievements

The list of achievements may include, for example, the number of clients you attracted or events organized by you, information that you have developed and implemented effective strategies and methods, or that you have won a prize in a competition in your profession. Please note that concrete numbers and facts are encouraged, not vague phrases like “effective sales”. The leader can, in addition to personal achievements, indicate the achievements of his team in the resume.

If you can’t tell too much about your former job, just try to be as specific and convincing as possible, even without exact numbers and titles. Also, don’t forget to use the action verbs: “developed, achieved, increased”.

How to describe professional achievements on your resume: the most important thing in 1 minute

How to choose top resume achievements

Review and write down the most important tasks you have accomplished in your career. If you are unsure of what constitutes an accomplishment from your experience, think about what things you completed in your previous job and which ones brought real benefits. Another option is to remember what your superiors praised you for, what you showed initiative, what you did better than your colleagues. As a last resort, if you are a young specialist and you do not yet have sufficient work experience (or do not have at all), you can even indicate achievements in the university.

Further, for each job, it is desirable to highlight 3-5 major achievements. When choosing which achievements to indicate on your resume, be guided by the requirements set out in the vacancy. The employer will care about exactly the results that you can achieve in your position.

Examples of professional achievements in the resume

These examples will help you understand what specific achievements should look like.

Director Achievements

  • in 2 years brought the company to the top 5 successful companies in the industry in the country;
  • expanded the network by 140%: in 2016, 7 new branches were opened at key points;
  • held a number of successful negotiations with large foreign contractors, increasing the number of successful deals by 12%.

Manager Achievements

  • prepared and presented a successful advertising campaign in 2016, which increased sales by 17%;
  • in 2016 attracted more than 200 clients, 32% of which became regular;
  • signed 4 contracts for wholesale supply.

Achievements of the lawyer

  • represented the company’s interests in court in 4 cases, each of which was won;
  • formed and structured the legal base of the company;
  • participated in the successful signing of 2 key contracts of the company with the largest representatives of the industry.

Achievements of the leader

  • my team achieved 8% growth in company sales between 2012 and 2014;
  • trained over 50 company employees;
  • developed and implemented new effective strategies for the internal organization of the company in 2015.

Important: do not add false or other people’s achievements, the results of your company, and not your own, as well as vague achievements (unsupported) to your resume. During the interview, you will most likely have to tell in more detail how you achieved certain results.

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