Mistakes when choosing a profession

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Choosing a profession is one of the most important in building a career. And, unfortunately, this choice is not always a good one. And the cost of such a mistake can be great. At the very least, this is time wasted at an unloved job and the need to retrain in order to sometimes start anew in your professional career.

When do we choose a profession? Most often at the stage of choosing a university or school. And what do we know about the future profession? Most of the time, nothing.

Hence the main mistakes when choosing the future direction of prof. activities:

1. Family tradition

Choice without choice, when a teenager continues the profession of parents. And it’s not bad at all if she is really interesting to him. And he has the qualities necessary for her. You can get an idea of ​​the profession from your parents. And knowledge and skills will appear in the process of studying.
But if there is no interest / abilities, then the result can be disastrous. And, for example, instead of an excellent lawyer, you will get a bad doctor.
Therefore, first of all, you need to listen to yourself and your interests.

2. On the advice / example of others

A conditional choice of profession, when we are guided by the opinion of a person who is authoritative for us. For a teenager, these are most often parents who have already formed an idea of ​​the future profession of their child. However, the individual characteristics of a child, his interests and abilities are not always taken into account.
Sometimes we evaluate the success of a profession by its visible signs. As a result, we may not calculate our strength when faced with the wrong side of the profession. This can lead to the need for additional education or even retraining.
Not everything that works for others will work just as well for you.

3. I don’t know who I want to be

In adolescence, we can only focus on the school curriculum and a general idea of ​​the profession and work.
School, frankly, gives little idea of ​​the possible work. Therefore, you can focus on your favorite subjects, but this will not be enough for choosing a future profession. If you are good at chemistry, this does not mean that you will make a good doctor or a competent pharmacist.
The conclusion is to learn as much information as possible about the professions and the knowledge and skills necessary for them.

4. I don’t know what I’m capable of

The main difficulty here is to assess your capabilities. Since you can mistakenly refuse a profession that suits us, considering it too difficult for yourself. Or vice versa – to set yourself a goal “beyond your strength.”
Both options lead to missed opportunities and disappointment in the chosen profession.
Not only qualification requirements for the profession, but also testing and specialists in career guidance.

5. Close to home

Sometimes the place really matters. For example, when you do not have the opportunity to move to study in another region. Life in your hometown is often more accessible, and life is arranged – no dormitories or rented apartments.
But in this case, your choice is significantly limited by the possible range of specialties of the universities closest to you.
You will have to choose from what is.

6. Easier to do

Don’t look for easy ways. The devil is in the details, and easier admission to the university often has its negative sides.
So, it is usually easiest to enroll in unpopular specialties for which the university has a shortage.
There is also an option that it would be best for you to enroll in physics and mathematics. But are you ready to connect your life with this?
Easier to do doesn’t mean easier to learn. And it certainly doesn’t mean easier to find a job.

7. For the company

We went to kindergarten together, then went to school. And then you went to university together?
Yes, studying with friends and former classmates will be more fun. But you are unlikely to be working together anymore.
By acting for a company with friends, we can get a load of problems with study and a profession that is not interesting to us.
Friendship is friendship, and everyone should choose a profession for himself.

8. Prestigious

The prestige of the university is also often put at the forefront when choosing education, and therefore a profession.
And it does not matter that you need to go to enroll in distant lands. Or that the choice of study programs is determined by the specialization of the university, and not by your interests.
Choosing a prestigious university just for its status, we can become a hostage of our position, because then we will go to a prestigious, but perhaps unloved job.

9. Fashionable

Fashion is known to pass. Fashion for professions too. New technologies define new professions, and the labor market dictates its own rules of the game. At the same time, the education market does not have time to restructure so quickly. And at the exit from the university we have a crowd of qualified, but already unclaimed specialists. And the fiercest competition for jobs. Not to mention the fact that many professions cease to exist at all
Therefore, choosing a fashionable occupation today, tomorrow we may become an “unpopular” specialist.

10. Pay a lot

Possible income level is a significant factor that should definitely be considered when choosing a profession. And it is no secret that salaries and the possibility of financial growth vary greatly on the labor market.
By acting this way, you can, firstly, not take place in the profession if it does not meet your talents. Or, secondly, burn out if you are successful (but not for very long) in an unloved profession that does not take into account your desires and interests.
Therefore, choosing a salary, not a job, you risk staying in the future no income.

Many of these mistakes apply equally to adolescents and adults changing careers. The choice of professional activity should not be left to chance. You need to know not only your strengths, but also at least understand labor market trends. professional testing and career counselors can help you with this .

Заказать услугу Профориентация для взрослых с тестом jobEQ