How to seek self-isolation work

Self-isolation due to the coronavirus has seriously disrupted the plans of those who were going to find work in the near future. She also increased the number of people in need of additional income. According to experts, already in the first “non-working days” the number of job seekers in the labor market has grown significantly. If you are one of them, this material is for you. Let’s figure out in detail how to look for work during this crisis – remotely and quickly.

How to find a job: the most important thing in 6 minutes

Where to start

First of all, you need to decide what kind of job you want, and already for the chosen direction, draw up the correct resume with a cover letter. They can then be edited, adapted to the vacancies that you will select for yourself. Now, when competition on the labor market is growing, employers pay special attention to these documents.

In general terms, in order to prepare a resume, you will need the following information (and related sections):

  1. Full name .
  2. Residence : Not so important for remote work, but at least the city of residence is better to indicate.
  3. Contact information : email and phone – required, links to social media profiles – optional.
  4. Desired position : always one and with a specific title.
  5. Desired income level : optional; if this is important for you or if the vacancy asks to indicate, then do a good job of studying the market and your opportunities.
  6. Key Skills : 5-7 characteristics that fit the desired position. Better in your own words, without clichés.
  7. Achievements : your results in past jobs, use more numbers and specifics here.
  8. Work experience : the companies you worked for before, in reverse chronological order, you can even specify freelance.
  9. Education: institutions where you studied, in reverse chronological order, plus courses, seminars (but those related to the job).
  10. Additional information: language skills, PC.
  11. Recommendations: it is enough to write “Recommendations are provided upon request”; as a rule, they are not attached to the resume.

You can also use a resume template to make it easier for yourself. A visual example will help you complete the above sections most effectively.

What is a cover letter for? As a rule, in order to draw attention to your candidacy, clearly demonstrate your competencies and motivation and encourage the employer to look at your resume. This is especially true during the period of self-isolation, since hiring takes place remotely and the recruiter needs to remotely determine the most motivated and talented potential employee.

What to write about in your cover letter:

  1. First, we address the addressee – this is the contact person indicated in the vacancy. If there is no such information, just write politely something like “Dear employer”.
  2. Indicate where the vacancy was found.
  3. We will tell you about the reasons why you want to work in this particular company.
  4. Most important: we describe the competencies that distinguish you as a specialist and fit the requirements of the vacancy. We write the most basic here so that the employer immediately understands what level of professional you are.
  5. We are writing contact information by which you can quickly be contacted.
  6. We thank the employer for your time and write our first and last name.

The cover letter is written in the body of the letter when the resume is sent by email, or inserted into the response form on specialized sites. And our next step is connected with them – we select channels for finding a job.

Where to look for work

If we have decided on the positions and CVs, we move on to the sites where you can quickly find vacancies while sitting at home in quarantine. Which search channels are most relevant:

Specialized sites for job search

This is a very popular option. Most often, job seekers use, but you don’t need to limit yourself to just one resource. In Russia, and are also good options. Registration on these sites is free for job seekers. However, each site also has paid options that you can connect at will.

When you have registered and created a resume on these sites, you need not just wait for a call from employers, but look for vacancies and independently, respond to them. A special filter is available for job seekers: you can customize the search depending on your wishes, for example, if you are looking for a remote work schedule. Of course, now almost everyone works remotely, but this is temporary, and most vacancies assume that you will first perform your duties at home, and then go to the office. Consider this point.

Another handy feature of specialized job search resources: subscribing to new jobs that might suit you. Updates will be sent to your email.

Job search groups on social networks

Many recruiters prefer to recruit candidates through Facebook, VKontakte or even Instagram instead of job sites. To find interesting jobs on social media, you need to subscribe to a number of popular job search groups / accounts. You can even find search channels specifically for your profession, field of activity.

Some of the most useful Facebook groups for job seekers are:

  3. “There is work! Need work!”.
  4. “Work to your liking.
  5. Bounty Hunters.
  6. “Jobs in ecommerce”.
  7. “IT Job”.
  8. Happy new job!
  9. True JOB.
  10. “Work for Friends (IT & Startups).

And this, of course, is not a complete list.

Telegram Channels

Job seekers are not yet accustomed to such a job search channel, and therefore the competition there is not so great. You can find many unique and interesting vacancies in Telegram.

Channels that may interest you:

  1. Vacancies from Alena Vladimirskaya.
  2. “Normal work.”
  3. Teleworking – Jobs.
  4. Dream Job – Vacancies.
  5. “We will call you back.”
  6. Marketing jobs.
  8. “Artwork”.
  9. Educational Jobs.
  10. Work for programmers.

Again, there are many more options, it’s worth subscribing to a few of the channels that work best for you.


This social network is designed specifically for job search and forming a circle of professional contacts. Using a LinkedIn profile, you can present yourself as a specialist and reach employers (or they will reach you by keywords).

It is important to fill out a profile with high quality: choose a headline by which you can be found, correctly describe your competencies, announce the fact that you are looking for a job. Such a search channel is primarily an opportunity to network and work directly with an employer.

Recruitment Agencies

This is an option for those who want to do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are two types of such agencies.

The first are recruiting. For applicants, their services are free. The specialists of such agencies will select a suitable vacancy for you, if any. In this case, of course, you will have to try hard when creating a resume. Plus, you need to be a top-notch professional to hope for a successful job in this way. The recruiting agency selects only the best candidate for an open position, because its reputation is at stake.

And here is the second type – agencies for job seekers. Their specialists can provide services for writing a resume and cover letter, preparing for an interview, selecting vacancies, and so on. This is a good option to save time and get a high-quality result in employment. Please note: these agencies do not work with the employer, and consulting services are paid by the applicant.

How to have a quarantine interview

Without the opportunity to leave the house, it will not be possible to get into the company for an interview, and no one will appoint one for you now. Therefore, recruiters are currently conducting Skype interviews with candidates. This format allows you to evaluate a candidate for a position remotely.

In order to successfully complete a Skype interview, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Get your account in order. You can even create a new one specifically for business contacts. What you need for this: a neutral account name (just your first and last name is better), a business-style photograph, competent personal information.
  • Check the quality of your equipment (microphone, headphones or speakers), the quality of communication in general, and adjust the light so that you can be seen normally.
  • Be sure to clean up your room, your desk and choose a neutral ringing background.
  • Prepare electronic documents in advance to send them to the recruiter if necessary.
  • Ensure silence, no distractions, so that no one speaks to you during a call, no one calls you, notifications in applications are turned on, etc.

Usually, when a Skype interview is conducted as a preliminary one, it does not take much time and does not involve professional questions. But during quarantine, this type of interview replaces the usual one, and preparation for it should be appropriate.

With the exception of the list of items above, the rules for online interviews are the same as for personal. This applies to your behavior, manner of speech, answers to employer’s questions and even (!) Appearance. Therefore, it is important to generally remember how to pass the interview.

Here are some basic rules:

  • Study information about the company, its field of activity, leaders.
  • Choose appropriate clothing in a neutral or business style (this is also relevant for skype interviews).
  • Prepare a self-presentation in case you are asked to introduce yourself.
  • Think about answers to frequently asked or uncomfortable questions (for example, why did you leave your last job).
  • Be polite, don’t interrupt.
  • Don’t answer questions in monosyllables.
  • Feel free to take the initiative and ask questions too.
  • Don’t criticize your past employers.


These tips apply not only to remote office work. During the quarantine period, the number of vacancies for drivers and couriers increased. You can also find unofficial work both using the resources in this article and on the sites for freelancers. Another option that is relevant during self-isolation is to extract income from your hobby, do something to order and send it by mail. In this difficult time, it is worth considering all possible options. And we hope that you will successfully find a job to your liking and income within your pocket.

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