How recruitment agencies work

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Despite the fact that recruitment agencies have been around for a long time, many job seekers do not quite understand the specifics of their work. And someone had a bad experience with one of the agencies, and therefore there was a strong feeling that they are all incompetent and not even worth spending time on them.

Let’s first figure out what it is – a recruiting agency.

This is a company that acts as an intermediary between you and the employer. Travel agencies work on the same principle, which offer you vouchers from several travel operators at once. In both cases, you do not pay for the agency’s work. Its services are paid for by a company (employer or travel operator).

When does a company contact a recruiting agency?

When an employer has a need for personnel, he can find a person on his own or contact a recruiting agency. The reasons are completely different. For example, a company needs to find a highly qualified specialist in a rare profession, or to quickly employ several good specialists. And it also happens that the company itself is small and rarely someone leaves it, so the HR department simply does not have access to closed databases with potential candidates and it is easier for them to contact a recruiting agency that will help them quickly find a suitable candidate.

How do recruitment agencies work?

To begin with, the employer sends an application to the recruiting agency and negotiates the remuneration for the employed specialist. Typically, this is a percentage of the employee’s gross annual income who is hired. For example, the salary of a future employee is 50,000 rubles, it is multiplied by 12 months, and from there the percentage is already calculated (50,000 * 12) * 10% = 60,000.
That is why it is beneficial for a recruiting agency to have your salary higher. After that, the manager responsible for this position starts searching.

I would like to point out several features of the search for candidates through a recruiting agency:

  • The CA manager does not give the name of the company during the telephone interview. The reason is simple: so that the applicant does not contact the company directly. Because if the customer finds an employee on his own, then the CA will receive nothing for the work done.
  • A CA employee can offer you a number of vacancies from different employers, if you fit the profile. You can choose one of them or try several at once.
  • The employer makes rather strict requirements for the search for his future employee and makes concessions much less often. If your resume is sent to the company, then you really fit many criteria. Moreover, the CA specialist himself will especially highlight your advantages so that your resume is considered.

After the resume has been approved by the customer, you are invited for an interview with a potential employer, and you already go through the standard interview stages. Sometimes the interview is conducted immediately by the future manager, so as not to waste time talking with a recruiter. And now you have successfully passed all the stages of the interview and went to work.

What happens next?

During the negotiation of the terms, the customer and the CA discuss not only the requirements for candidates, but also the terms of “replacement”. What it is? Replacement is a guarantee that if an employed employee resigns of his own free will or does not pass the probationary period, the CA will select a new specialist free of charge. The warranty period can vary from 1 to 6 months, depending on the position. Therefore, the KA is extremely interested in your passing the probationary period and, in order to keep their finger on the pulse, they periodically contact you and ask how you are doing and if everything is in order.

Who else is making the selection?

The service of recruiting through the CA is certainly very convenient for employers, but at the same time expensive. Therefore, companies sometimes turn to freelance recruiters. These are recruiting specialists who work for themselves. Most often, they conduct interviews simply by phone or skype. They are less likely to provide a warranty period for replacements, and, as a rule, their fees are strictly fixed.

It’s up to you to choose whether to cooperate with private recruiters and recruiting agencies or not. But this is an additional resource for job search, which may not work now, but after a while you may be called and offered an interesting vacancy.

What an applicant needs to know when working with a spacecraft

Like any company, recruitment agencies have different specializations. This is worth paying attention to before you start interacting with them.

  • The most common direction is the selection of line and managerial personnel. Such agencies offer vacancies for accountants, commercial directors, production technologists, etc.
  • Executive search. These recruiting agencies, as a rule, do not post vacancies on the site, since their main task is to recruit very high-level personnel or unique specialists, of which there are only a few in the country. They are often approached by companies looking to find a replacement for an existing employee. Such vacancies are not advertised, and the name of the company is announced at the very last moment.
  • Taking into account the speed of development of the IT direction, agencies have appeared relatively recently, which only select IT specialists.
  • Mass recruitment. Such agencies recruit warehouse workers, merchandisers, specialists who work on a rotational basis, etc.
  • There are also individual CAs that specialize only in the selection of domestic personnel, such as maids, couples, housekeepers, etc.

How job seekers can communicate with KA and why its website is useful

On the website of each CA there is a section “Vacancies” or “Applicants”, where they add current open positions. Of course, there are not so many of them as on, and new ones appear not so often, but it is worth visiting this section periodically. Well, if you have not found a suitable vacancy, then you can send your resume to the agency’s mail or upload it on the website. Be sure to indicate in your cover letter what you have previously been doing and what you expect now. This is necessary in order for your resume to go to the recruiting manager who specializes in your segment.

CA and social networks

Another option for communicating with CAs is to find their specialists on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. We usually resort to this method when we cannot get an answer in other ways. Contacting a specialist directly helps to immediately establish a dialogue and communicate in a less dry and formal form. This method is especially effective when the main task is not to apply for a vacancy, but to build long-term promising relationships, since the candidate who appeared in this way will certainly be remembered.

The article was prepared by Anastasia Guseva, career consultant of the agency for applicants “IM Consulting”

Заказать услуги содействия в поиске подходящей работы и помощь в трудоустройстве