Dismissal letter of your own free will

Заказать услугу Карьерный консультант по поиску работы и развитию карьеры

According to labor law, an employee has the right to terminate an employment contract at his own request. For this, a special application is written in order to notify the employer of his decision. This type of dismissal is the most common and conflict-free. But, as in any other case, it is important to do everything competently in order to ensure a smooth dismissal process and not stumble upon a violation of your rights. If you have already weighed all the pros and cons and still decided to leave your current job, let’s figure out how to do it correctly.

Writing a letter of resignation of our own free will

Everything begins with this document, on the basis of which they will form an order of dismissal. Therefore, a letter of resignation of one’s own free will is so important, and it is necessary to adhere to certain rules when drawing it up. If the document turns out to be incorrect, both the company and you will have problems. For example, your dismissal may be declared illegal at all.

To help you avoid such an outcome, here are some recommendations for drawing up an application:

  1. First, write the position and full name of the person to whom the document is addressed (in most cases, this is the head of the company), in the dative case along with the name of the company.
  2. Next, we indicate our position and full name in the genitive case.
  3. We are writing about our desire to leave the company. Usually this is the wording “please dismiss me of my own free will.”
  4. Specify the date of the last working day.
  5. At the end we write the date of drawing up the document and leave our signature.

Important: we write a statement by hand! In general, the document comes out small and it should look like this:

Как выглядит образец (пример) заявления об увольнении по собственному желанию

This sample resignation letter of your own free will can be downloaded in DOC (WORD) format and used as an example – it is absolutely correct.

Please note: if you add the preposition “from” to the date of dismissal (instead of “June 12” write “from June 12”), then the date of dismissal will be considered one day earlier – June 11.

When to apply for resignation

The document must be submitted two working weeks before the date of dismissal. If you are on a probationary period, if you are a seasonal worker or if an employment contract was concluded for two months, the application is submitted three days in advance. And for company executives, coaches and athletes, the term is one month.

Among other things, if you quit for a good reason, then you don’t have to wait for any deadline at all (or you can set it yourself). In this case, you add this reason and the request to fire yourself within a certain time frame in your application. The following circumstances may be considered good reasons (and this list is not exhaustive):

  • moving;
  • enrollment in an educational institution;
  • pregnancy;
  • caring for a child under 14 years of age or a disabled child;
  • caring for a sick family member or disabled person of group I;
  • retirement;
  • employment by competition;
  • illness that interferes with the performance of duties;
  • conscription;
  • violation of an employment or collective agreement by the employer;
  • extraordinary circumstances that prevent the performance of duties (for example, natural disasters).

The application must be accompanied by proof of a valid reason for dismissal: for example, in the case of caring for a child under 14 years old, this can be his birth certificate, and in case of illness, a certificate.

The deadline begins the next day after the application is accepted. At the reception, the company puts an incoming number on it.

Be sure to make sure that the application is accepted, otherwise there will be no grounds for your leaving the company on your own initiative. In extreme cases, the document can be sent by mail with an inventory and a receipt notification, then you will have proof that the application was accepted.

What Happens Next

Upon expiration of the period before the date of dismissal, the employer issues an appropriate order. It should be given to you for review under the signature. Make sure the order contains the correct date of dismissal. Based on the order, an entry is made in your work record book with the seal and signature of the HR department employee.

On the last working day, you should be given all your documents, if they were stored in the company, and a payroll. You can also apply for any other documents relating to your work with this company by written request. This can be done even after you leave.

What to do if you change your mind about quitting

By law, you can withdraw your letter of resignation of your own free will if for some reason you change your mind. This can be done during the same period that precedes the date of dismissal. But there are circumstances under which you cannot issue a review:

  • if an employee of another company is transferred to the company instead of you by written agreement;
  • if an employee is invited to your place, who quit for this position no more than a month ago.

You will also not be able to withdraw the application if you went on vacation with subsequent dismissal. In this case, the dismissal procedure ends before the start of your vacation, which means that you can change your decision only before it.

And finally, a very important detail: the employer has no right to force you to write a letter of resignation of your own free will. This initiative should come from you. If it is not possible to reach a consensus and you are under pressure in this matter, you have the right to contact the relevant authorities.

Always remember about your rights as an employee, pay close attention to the documents that you fill out and sign, and then any dismissal process will pass without loss for you.

We also recommend that you read the letter of resignation by agreement of the parties.

Заказать услугу Карьерный консультант по поиску работы и развитию карьеры