Заказать услуги содействия в поиске подходящей работы и помощь в трудоустройстве

How to seek self-isolation work

Self-isolation due to the coronavirus has seriously disrupted the plans of those who were going to find work in the near future. She also increased the number of people in need of additional income. According to experts, already in the first “non-working days” the number of job seekers in the labor market has grown significantly. If you are one of them, this material is for you. Let’s figure out in detail how to look for work during this crisis – remotely and quickly.

How to find a job: the most important thing in 6 minutes

Where to start

First of all, you need to decide what kind of job you want, and already for the chosen direction, draw up the correct resume with a cover letter. They can then be edited, adapted to the vacancies that you will select for yourself. Now, when competition on the labor market is growing, employers pay special attention to these documents.

In general terms, in order to prepare a resume, you will need the following information (and related sections):

  1. Full name .
  2. Residence : Not so important for remote work, but at least the city of residence is better to indicate.
  3. Contact information : email and phone – required, links to social media profiles – optional.
  4. Desired position : always one and with a specific title.
  5. Desired income level : optional; if this is important for you or if the vacancy asks to indicate, then do a good job of studying the market and your opportunities.
  6. Key Skills : 5-7 characteristics that fit the desired position. Better in your own words, without clichés.
  7. Achievements : your results in past jobs, use more numbers and specifics here.
  8. Work experience : the companies you worked for before, in reverse chronological order, you can even specify freelance.
  9. Education: institutions where you studied, in reverse chronological order, plus courses, seminars (but those related to the job).
  10. Additional information: language skills, PC.
  11. Recommendations: it is enough to write “Recommendations are provided upon request”; as a rule, they are not attached to the resume.

You can also use a resume template to make it easier for yourself. A visual example will help you complete the above sections most effectively.

What is a cover letter for? As a rule, in order to draw attention to your candidacy, clearly demonstrate your competencies and motivation and encourage the employer to look at your resume. This is especially true during the period of self-isolation, since hiring takes place remotely and the recruiter needs to remotely determine the most motivated and talented potential employee.

What to write about in your cover letter:

  1. First, we address the addressee – this is the contact person indicated in the vacancy. If there is no such information, just write politely something like “Dear employer”.
  2. Indicate where the vacancy was found.
  3. We will tell you about the reasons why you want to work in this particular company.
  4. Most important: we describe the competencies that distinguish you as a specialist and fit the requirements of the vacancy. We write the most basic here so that the employer immediately understands what level of professional you are.
  5. We are writing contact information by which you can quickly be contacted.
  6. We thank the employer for your time and write our first and last name.

The cover letter is written in the body of the letter when the resume is sent by email, or inserted into the response form on specialized sites. And our next step is connected with them – we select channels for finding a job.

Where to look for work

If we have decided on the positions and CVs, we move on to the sites where you can quickly find vacancies while sitting at home in quarantine. Which search channels are most relevant:

Specialized sites for job search

This is a very popular option. Most often, job seekers use hh.ru, but you don’t need to limit yourself to just one resource. In Russia, superjob.ru and rabota.ru are also good options. Registration on these sites is free for job seekers. However, each site also has paid options that you can connect at will.

When you have registered and created a resume on these sites, you need not just wait for a call from employers, but look for vacancies and independently, respond to them. A special filter is available for job seekers: you can customize the search depending on your wishes, for example, if you are looking for a remote work schedule. Of course, now almost everyone works remotely, but this is temporary, and most vacancies assume that you will first perform your duties at home, and then go to the office. Consider this point.

Another handy feature of specialized job search resources: subscribing to new jobs that might suit you. Updates will be sent to your email.

Job search groups on social networks

Many recruiters prefer to recruit candidates through Facebook, VKontakte or even Instagram instead of job sites. To find interesting jobs on social media, you need to subscribe to a number of popular job search groups / accounts. You can even find search channels specifically for your profession, field of activity.

Some of the most useful Facebook groups for job seekers are:

  3. “There is work! Need work!”.
  4. “Work to your liking.
  5. Bounty Hunters.
  6. “Jobs in ecommerce”.
  7. “IT Job”.
  8. Happy new job!
  9. True JOB.
  10. “Work for Friends (IT & Startups).

And this, of course, is not a complete list.

Telegram Channels

Job seekers are not yet accustomed to such a job search channel, and therefore the competition there is not so great. You can find many unique and interesting vacancies in Telegram.

Channels that may interest you:

  1. Vacancies from Alena Vladimirskaya.
  2. “Normal work.”
  3. Teleworking – Jobs.
  4. Dream Job – Vacancies.
  5. “We will call you back.”
  6. Marketing jobs.
  8. “Artwork”.
  9. Educational Jobs.
  10. Work for programmers.

Again, there are many more options, it’s worth subscribing to a few of the channels that work best for you.


This social network is designed specifically for job search and forming a circle of professional contacts. Using a LinkedIn profile, you can present yourself as a specialist and reach employers (or they will reach you by keywords).

It is important to fill out a profile with high quality: choose a headline by which you can be found, correctly describe your competencies, announce the fact that you are looking for a job. Such a search channel is primarily an opportunity to network and work directly with an employer.

Recruitment Agencies

This is an option for those who want to do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are two types of such agencies.

The first are recruiting. For applicants, their services are free. The specialists of such agencies will select a suitable vacancy for you, if any. In this case, of course, you will have to try hard when creating a resume. Plus, you need to be a top-notch professional to hope for a successful job in this way. The recruiting agency selects only the best candidate for an open position, because its reputation is at stake.

And here is the second type – agencies for job seekers. Their specialists can provide services for writing a resume and cover letter, preparing for an interview, selecting vacancies, and so on. This is a good option to save time and get a high-quality result in employment. Please note: these agencies do not work with the employer, and consulting services are paid by the applicant.

How to have a quarantine interview

Without the opportunity to leave the house, it will not be possible to get into the company for an interview, and no one will appoint one for you now. Therefore, recruiters are currently conducting Skype interviews with candidates. This format allows you to evaluate a candidate for a position remotely.

In order to successfully complete a Skype interview, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Get your account in order. You can even create a new one specifically for business contacts. What you need for this: a neutral account name (just your first and last name is better), a business-style photograph, competent personal information.
  • Check the quality of your equipment (microphone, headphones or speakers), the quality of communication in general, and adjust the light so that you can be seen normally.
  • Be sure to clean up your room, your desk and choose a neutral ringing background.
  • Prepare electronic documents in advance to send them to the recruiter if necessary.
  • Ensure silence, no distractions, so that no one speaks to you during a call, no one calls you, notifications in applications are turned on, etc.

Usually, when a Skype interview is conducted as a preliminary one, it does not take much time and does not involve professional questions. But during quarantine, this type of interview replaces the usual one, and preparation for it should be appropriate.

With the exception of the list of items above, the rules for online interviews are the same as for personal. This applies to your behavior, manner of speech, answers to employer’s questions and even (!) Appearance. Therefore, it is important to generally remember how to pass the interview.

Here are some basic rules:

  • Study information about the company, its field of activity, leaders.
  • Choose appropriate clothing in a neutral or business style (this is also relevant for skype interviews).
  • Prepare a self-presentation in case you are asked to introduce yourself.
  • Think about answers to frequently asked or uncomfortable questions (for example, why did you leave your last job).
  • Be polite, don’t interrupt.
  • Don’t answer questions in monosyllables.
  • Feel free to take the initiative and ask questions too.
  • Don’t criticize your past employers.


These tips apply not only to remote office work. During the quarantine period, the number of vacancies for drivers and couriers increased. You can also find unofficial work both using the resources in this article and on the sites for freelancers. Another option that is relevant during self-isolation is to extract income from your hobby, do something to order and send it by mail. In this difficult time, it is worth considering all possible options. And we hope that you will successfully find a job to your liking and income within your pocket.

Заказать услуги содействия в поиске подходящей работы и помощь в трудоустройстве

How recruitment agencies work

Заказать услуги содействия в поиске подходящей работы и помощь в трудоустройстве

Despite the fact that recruitment agencies have been around for a long time, many job seekers do not quite understand the specifics of their work. And someone had a bad experience with one of the agencies, and therefore there was a strong feeling that they are all incompetent and not even worth spending time on them.

Let’s first figure out what it is – a recruiting agency.

This is a company that acts as an intermediary between you and the employer. Travel agencies work on the same principle, which offer you vouchers from several travel operators at once. In both cases, you do not pay for the agency’s work. Its services are paid for by a company (employer or travel operator).

When does a company contact a recruiting agency?

When an employer has a need for personnel, he can find a person on his own or contact a recruiting agency. The reasons are completely different. For example, a company needs to find a highly qualified specialist in a rare profession, or to quickly employ several good specialists. And it also happens that the company itself is small and rarely someone leaves it, so the HR department simply does not have access to closed databases with potential candidates and it is easier for them to contact a recruiting agency that will help them quickly find a suitable candidate.

How do recruitment agencies work?

To begin with, the employer sends an application to the recruiting agency and negotiates the remuneration for the employed specialist. Typically, this is a percentage of the employee’s gross annual income who is hired. For example, the salary of a future employee is 50,000 rubles, it is multiplied by 12 months, and from there the percentage is already calculated (50,000 * 12) * 10% = 60,000.
That is why it is beneficial for a recruiting agency to have your salary higher. After that, the manager responsible for this position starts searching.

I would like to point out several features of the search for candidates through a recruiting agency:

  • The CA manager does not give the name of the company during the telephone interview. The reason is simple: so that the applicant does not contact the company directly. Because if the customer finds an employee on his own, then the CA will receive nothing for the work done.
  • A CA employee can offer you a number of vacancies from different employers, if you fit the profile. You can choose one of them or try several at once.
  • The employer makes rather strict requirements for the search for his future employee and makes concessions much less often. If your resume is sent to the company, then you really fit many criteria. Moreover, the CA specialist himself will especially highlight your advantages so that your resume is considered.

After the resume has been approved by the customer, you are invited for an interview with a potential employer, and you already go through the standard interview stages. Sometimes the interview is conducted immediately by the future manager, so as not to waste time talking with a recruiter. And now you have successfully passed all the stages of the interview and went to work.

What happens next?

During the negotiation of the terms, the customer and the CA discuss not only the requirements for candidates, but also the terms of “replacement”. What it is? Replacement is a guarantee that if an employed employee resigns of his own free will or does not pass the probationary period, the CA will select a new specialist free of charge. The warranty period can vary from 1 to 6 months, depending on the position. Therefore, the KA is extremely interested in your passing the probationary period and, in order to keep their finger on the pulse, they periodically contact you and ask how you are doing and if everything is in order.

Who else is making the selection?

The service of recruiting through the CA is certainly very convenient for employers, but at the same time expensive. Therefore, companies sometimes turn to freelance recruiters. These are recruiting specialists who work for themselves. Most often, they conduct interviews simply by phone or skype. They are less likely to provide a warranty period for replacements, and, as a rule, their fees are strictly fixed.

It’s up to you to choose whether to cooperate with private recruiters and recruiting agencies or not. But this is an additional resource for job search, which may not work now, but after a while you may be called and offered an interesting vacancy.

What an applicant needs to know when working with a spacecraft

Like any company, recruitment agencies have different specializations. This is worth paying attention to before you start interacting with them.

  • The most common direction is the selection of line and managerial personnel. Such agencies offer vacancies for accountants, commercial directors, production technologists, etc.
  • Executive search. These recruiting agencies, as a rule, do not post vacancies on the site, since their main task is to recruit very high-level personnel or unique specialists, of which there are only a few in the country. They are often approached by companies looking to find a replacement for an existing employee. Such vacancies are not advertised, and the name of the company is announced at the very last moment.
  • Taking into account the speed of development of the IT direction, agencies have appeared relatively recently, which only select IT specialists.
  • Mass recruitment. Such agencies recruit warehouse workers, merchandisers, specialists who work on a rotational basis, etc.
  • There are also individual CAs that specialize only in the selection of domestic personnel, such as maids, couples, housekeepers, etc.

How job seekers can communicate with KA and why its website is useful

On the website of each CA there is a section “Vacancies” or “Applicants”, where they add current open positions. Of course, there are not so many of them as on hh.ru, and new ones appear not so often, but it is worth visiting this section periodically. Well, if you have not found a suitable vacancy, then you can send your resume to the agency’s mail or upload it on the website. Be sure to indicate in your cover letter what you have previously been doing and what you expect now. This is necessary in order for your resume to go to the recruiting manager who specializes in your segment.

CA and social networks

Another option for communicating with CAs is to find their specialists on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. We usually resort to this method when we cannot get an answer in other ways. Contacting a specialist directly helps to immediately establish a dialogue and communicate in a less dry and formal form. This method is especially effective when the main task is not to apply for a vacancy, but to build long-term promising relationships, since the candidate who appeared in this way will certainly be remembered.

The article was prepared by Anastasia Guseva, career consultant of the agency for applicants “IM Consulting”

Заказать услуги содействия в поиске подходящей работы и помощь в трудоустройстве

What employers are looking at in 2020

Заказать услуги содействия в поиске подходящей работы и помощь в трудоустройстве

The first thing that we remember when we hear the words “crisis of 2014” is a sharp jump in the dollar exchange rate, continuous sanctions and mass layoffs of staff. A large number of specialists were forced to enter the labor market, and personnel services removed their phone numbers from all sites, because the number of calls with requests to see the resume has increased tenfold. Requirements for candidates have become more stringent, which has led to significant changes in the job search system itself.

How was it before?

Previously, it was enough to post a resume with a brief description of its functionality on the work site and wait for calls from employers who will invite you for an interview. The interview itself was always stressful, but few HR specialists focused on questions about achievements or failures, asked to talk about the last book they read or the course they took. The exception was high positions or vacancies where specific skills were required.

But with the onset of 2015, when everyone began to slowly move away from the shock and think about the future, companies began to understand that not everything can be solved with discounts and dumping. It was then that the market for goods and services focused on quality and customer focus. This led to the fact that employers began to pay special attention to internal training and personnel development, which in turn entailed additional requirements for candidates.

What does the employer expect from the applicant now?

When viewing a resume, an employer pays attention not only to well-written functionality, but also to achievements. He wants to understand how hard the candidate is and how willing to invest in the company. Special attention is paid to competencies and self-development. After all, if a candidate invests time, effort and money in education, advanced training, etc., it means that he will be ready for internal corporate training, will grow and develop together with the company.

So what should everyone do with this?

1. Clean up your resume

It is important not just to copy and paste the text – it must be correctly filled in, with a description of the functionality and achievements. Even if the responsibilities in several jobs are identical, it is better to spend a little more time and slightly modify some part of the experience so that there is no repetition.

Put in the lists the same bullets (dots or dashes), then your resume will be visually attractive. It is important to pay attention to the description of the competencies that will help the employer to see your strengths, and, of course, indicate all the professional courses and advanced training passed.

And one more important point is photography. The employer wants to see who he is inviting for an interview, which is why the percentage of views on a resume with a photo is much higher than without.

Photo Recommendations

Portrait on a neutral background, in a business style or casual. An exception will be vacancies for creative professions and IT professionals, but you shouldn’t be too creative either. It is important that the face is clearly visible. The decision whether to add a photo or not is definitely yours, but it’s better to use it anyway.

Why do you need a cover letter?

This is one of the most popular questions, and for good reason. A cover letter is a short presentation of you to an employer that describes your experience and strengths in a very concise manner. Thanks to him, the recruiter understands whether it is worth spending time looking at the resume or not.

2. Understand where to look for work

Naturally, the most popular resource is hh.ru . It contains the main vacancies that are presented on the labor market. But not only them, as they say, are rich. It makes sense to pay attention to superjob.ru if you are considering middle or line positions.

We also recommend sending your resume to recruiting agencies if you are considering leadership positions or the specifics of the work implies unique knowledge. Quite often, recruiting agencies give vacancies of a technical and production nature (for example, chief technologist).

Another option that can help in your job search is to send CVs directly to interesting companies . But in this case, if the company did not publish the vacancy in open sources, then, most likely, the resume will be included in the personnel reserve and will be returned to it when the vacancy is open.

3. Prepare for your interview

You have made an appointment and are preparing for the interview. It is especially easy to get confused when you do not know what the questions will be and how to respond to them. You may be asked not only about the functionality and the reason for leaving the company. Quite often people are asked to tell you about your achievements, and when answering, it is important to remember that the employer wants to hear not only about your merits, but also about how it helped the company.

The issue of failures is also not to be feared – we all make mistakes. Tell us about some minor setback, but at the same time mention what conclusions were made and what actions were taken to prevent this from happening again.

The managers are interested in whether they had the experience of dismissing employees, whether there were conflicts with subordinates and how they defend their point of view before the top management. And the most important thing is to remember when you are interviewing that now the employer wants to see your interest in working for this company.

The job search system is dynamically developing and changing, like many things in modern society. Thanks to this, a large number of job search options and opportunities to present yourself have appeared.

But there is a second side to the coin. Now you need not only to be a professional in your field or a young specialist with burning eyes, but also to be able to present yourself, “sell”. Because no matter how great or wonderful you are, if the employer does not find out about it, then he will not be able to offer you a position in the company.

The article was prepared by Anastasia Guseva, career consultant of the agency for applicants “IM Consulting”

Заказать услуги содействия в поиске подходящей работы и помощь в трудоустройстве

Dismissal letter of your own free will

Заказать услугу Карьерный консультант по поиску работы и развитию карьеры

According to labor law, an employee has the right to terminate an employment contract at his own request. For this, a special application is written in order to notify the employer of his decision. This type of dismissal is the most common and conflict-free. But, as in any other case, it is important to do everything competently in order to ensure a smooth dismissal process and not stumble upon a violation of your rights. If you have already weighed all the pros and cons and still decided to leave your current job, let’s figure out how to do it correctly.

Writing a letter of resignation of our own free will

Everything begins with this document, on the basis of which they will form an order of dismissal. Therefore, a letter of resignation of one’s own free will is so important, and it is necessary to adhere to certain rules when drawing it up. If the document turns out to be incorrect, both the company and you will have problems. For example, your dismissal may be declared illegal at all.

To help you avoid such an outcome, here are some recommendations for drawing up an application:

  1. First, write the position and full name of the person to whom the document is addressed (in most cases, this is the head of the company), in the dative case along with the name of the company.
  2. Next, we indicate our position and full name in the genitive case.
  3. We are writing about our desire to leave the company. Usually this is the wording “please dismiss me of my own free will.”
  4. Specify the date of the last working day.
  5. At the end we write the date of drawing up the document and leave our signature.

Important: we write a statement by hand! In general, the document comes out small and it should look like this:

Как выглядит образец (пример) заявления об увольнении по собственному желанию

This sample resignation letter of your own free will can be downloaded in DOC (WORD) format and used as an example – it is absolutely correct.

Please note: if you add the preposition “from” to the date of dismissal (instead of “June 12” write “from June 12”), then the date of dismissal will be considered one day earlier – June 11.

When to apply for resignation

The document must be submitted two working weeks before the date of dismissal. If you are on a probationary period, if you are a seasonal worker or if an employment contract was concluded for two months, the application is submitted three days in advance. And for company executives, coaches and athletes, the term is one month.

Among other things, if you quit for a good reason, then you don’t have to wait for any deadline at all (or you can set it yourself). In this case, you add this reason and the request to fire yourself within a certain time frame in your application. The following circumstances may be considered good reasons (and this list is not exhaustive):

  • moving;
  • enrollment in an educational institution;
  • pregnancy;
  • caring for a child under 14 years of age or a disabled child;
  • caring for a sick family member or disabled person of group I;
  • retirement;
  • employment by competition;
  • illness that interferes with the performance of duties;
  • conscription;
  • violation of an employment or collective agreement by the employer;
  • extraordinary circumstances that prevent the performance of duties (for example, natural disasters).

The application must be accompanied by proof of a valid reason for dismissal: for example, in the case of caring for a child under 14 years old, this can be his birth certificate, and in case of illness, a certificate.

The deadline begins the next day after the application is accepted. At the reception, the company puts an incoming number on it.

Be sure to make sure that the application is accepted, otherwise there will be no grounds for your leaving the company on your own initiative. In extreme cases, the document can be sent by mail with an inventory and a receipt notification, then you will have proof that the application was accepted.

What Happens Next

Upon expiration of the period before the date of dismissal, the employer issues an appropriate order. It should be given to you for review under the signature. Make sure the order contains the correct date of dismissal. Based on the order, an entry is made in your work record book with the seal and signature of the HR department employee.

On the last working day, you should be given all your documents, if they were stored in the company, and a payroll. You can also apply for any other documents relating to your work with this company by written request. This can be done even after you leave.

What to do if you change your mind about quitting

By law, you can withdraw your letter of resignation of your own free will if for some reason you change your mind. This can be done during the same period that precedes the date of dismissal. But there are circumstances under which you cannot issue a review:

  • if an employee of another company is transferred to the company instead of you by written agreement;
  • if an employee is invited to your place, who quit for this position no more than a month ago.

You will also not be able to withdraw the application if you went on vacation with subsequent dismissal. In this case, the dismissal procedure ends before the start of your vacation, which means that you can change your decision only before it.

And finally, a very important detail: the employer has no right to force you to write a letter of resignation of your own free will. This initiative should come from you. If it is not possible to reach a consensus and you are under pressure in this matter, you have the right to contact the relevant authorities.

Always remember about your rights as an employee, pay close attention to the documents that you fill out and sign, and then any dismissal process will pass without loss for you.

We also recommend that you read the letter of resignation by agreement of the parties.

Заказать услугу Карьерный консультант по поиску работы и развитию карьеры